Griffith Barracks

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In 1813 the building that now houses Griffith College was originally built as a prison.  Above the entrance it said “Cease to do evil; learn to do well.

Harper’s Weekly Magazine, April 7, 1866

It was designed by Francis Johnson.  In 1844, after a trial that lasted 25 days, Daniel O’Connell was imprisoned there.

Image: Kilmainham Gaol Twitter

Next in the late 1800’s it became an army barracks.  It was called Wellington Barracks and soldiers lived there. In 1988 the last soldiers moved out. 

In 1991 it was turned into the college it is today which is named after Arthur Griffith.  

Griffith Barracks Multi-Denominational School was opened right next door in 1998 by President Mary McAleese.

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  1. Aaron says:

    I love just across the road and my dad was stationed there when it was Griffith barracks right up until it closed. Fascinating to see all the lives this old plot has led over the years

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