Thank you for visiting the site; I hope you find it useful. My plan was to keep this site accessible for younger people in the hope it would spark curiosity in the city around them. The What-Was-That Map was particularly designed with them in mind. I recommend using the Google Earth version if possible. It’s just more engaging. It will work on phones and tablets too but you might need to download Google Earth if you don’t have it already.

For more in depth information there are links to articles and because history is a messy business sometimes the information in those may not be suitable for younger children, so please bear that in mind. By my own judgment anyone younger than transition year should probably be guided by an adult when using the site but each child is different so I encourage grown-ups to read ahead and make their own decision.

It would be great to get feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism.

You’ll find our details on the contact page or you can email

If your class is doing a history project about something local please get in touch, or if you are looking for a project maybe the class could research a building or bit of local lore and I can add their work to the What-Was-That Map, with credit, of course!

It’s very much a work in progress and it would be great if it became a collaborative thing.