10 Mill Street

Image: My own.

10 Mill Street was built in the 1720’s, making it one of the oldest surviving buildings in the area.

The Brabazon family owned a lot of land around the Liberties.  Eventually they were given the title of the Earls of Meath. Lots of local place names still have that name today, like Meath Street or the old Meath Hospital.  You can also find Brabazon Hall, Brabazon Place and Brabazon Square nearby too. They also had Newmarket square built and later on in the 1720 paid for this house to be built.  In 1818 it was bought and turned into a school for 500 boys.  In the late 1800’s it became a Mission House.  By 1901 it was a house where a furniture maker lived with his wife and 5 older women who had never married or who’s husbands had died.  In the 1960’s/1970’s it was lived in as a house by lots of people. 

Image; Patrick Healy Collection, South Dublin Libraries

“I lived in Mill St (No. 10) from ’68 till ’71. It was a fine house. Grand entrance. Fab staircases. The main room on first floor was like a church with a pulpit. There was a very big garden in the rear. And if you climbed the wall you were in the Blackpitts. Where the convent is. It had a beautiful front hall door which I have seen in many books about Dublin. Bang Bang lived across from us on the left facing up to Newmarket.”

Jean Kelly Carberry – Growing up in the LIberties Facebook Page

After that it was used to store golf balls and wellies!  In the 1980’s it was bought by the Department of Posts and Telegraphs who were more interested in the land around it.  The house was empty.  Some people smashed the windows and others stole the staircase and other things from inside.  It nearly became a ruin.  It has now been beautifully restored and is the head office for Teeling’s Whiskey which is made right across the road from it.

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